My dream


   Kairos, is the Greek God who embodies 'the fulfilled moment in time'. I got to meet Kairos 4  years ago without knowing he existed. After I quit my job in a rushful environment I stepped back and took my time to find out which life rythm suits me the best. During this delightful period of almost a year I developed a deep wish of creating a life in freedom to take my time. A life without (alarm) clock, being able to sleep when I want/need it,  have time to cook and enjoy food, where I can wander around, watch the rain, walk the walks, be surrounded by nature, read books and make music.

I found out that this calm way of living keeps me alive and happy.  Living in Amsterdam I noticed people are in a rush.  All goes fast and will go faster.  I tried to keep Kairos alive but this is a challenge in the city where people live their life by the clock. In this hurry I deeply longed for slowness and silence. During my visit at my dearest friends Eveline & Matthijs, owners of Babou Maramures (meet them at: I got the chance to get in touch with a way of living I wished for. Watching them living their daily life with a huge respect for mother nature makes me felt so humble. Eveline and Matthijs created a very special place where people have a chance to get in touch with the traditional rural Romanian lifestyle. I am so grateful that I was able to discover their magical piece of land and I became hooked to this enchanted way of life. 

Now, 4 years later a great opportunity came by to live this life for a year. Thanks to the trust of Menno, Annet, Sterre & Wessel I am able to take care of their home while they are making new adventures during traveling. Meet them at I have the privilege to live my daily life in their beautiful wooden house with a view I never could wish for.  Together with my cat Mickey I will enjoy the Breb life, create new adventures, meet new people, learn how to chop wood and make my fire in the winter, enjoy the nature and get back in touch with Kairos.

Stay tuned for my stories , I am more than happy to share my experiences with you.