First week in Breb

While I am writing this update, I enjoy the cosy warmth of my self chopped wood from the stove, I am surrounded by fresh flowers from the garden and I sip from my cup of coffee (with a little bit of chocolate :-))

I still cannot believe I am here, in this wonderful wooden house. Sometimes I just need to pinch myself to see if this is really happening. One week ago my dad and I arrived in Breb. Our trip was long but It was much fun and it felt so good to be on the road to my new adventure. The Suzuki Vitara kept on going and brought us safe to our travel destination. After 1100 km we spend the night in Hungary, a little village Dunaszeg near to Gyor. It was a bit of a challenge to find our place to sleep but that's what the local cafe's are for, after asking the lady behind the bar, our host Zsolt arrived soon to pick us up. He showed us our little house in their beautiful garden. Zsolt his hospitality was heartwarming and the house was just what we needed after a long day. My cat Mickey behaved himself so well during the trip, he didn't miauwed once and was so relaxed. This was such a big relief, I was so worried about how he will experience the car drive.

The next day we drove through Hungary to pass the border at Satu Mare, the first stop in Romania. Soon we began to enter the Maramures mountains and after Baie Mare, the big city of this region, we entered the mountain route towards Cavnic and after that Breb was soon to appear. And that is what I like when entering the village Breb, you will definately feel that you arrived, the rocky road will shake your everything :-) My dad said nothing but I felt his disbelief how this is possible. I obviously explained to him that the road was extremely bumpy and I can understand that his first thought probably was: OMG, what is this? 

We arrived at the house of my friends Matthijs & Eveline to pick up the keys from my place. After a warm welcome we drove towards my house, the final bits of the trip! And there it showed up, the beautiful house of Menno & Annet. It felt so good to be there and settle myself for the next coming months. 

After a good night of sleep we started to explore the house and the garden to check the damage of the crazy storm from a few days earlier which created a lot of damage in the village and his surroundings. Luckily the house was untouched but a lot trees didn't made it and the electricity was instable and water was not fixed yet.

I must say, the work ethic of my dad is admirable, he is just unstoppable. Chopping wood, cleaning the garden, repairing roofs of the barns and doing the nessecary groceries in the city, he was on fire. I really enjoyed our time together and he learned me so much. I am thankful that he was there with me to get myself settled. We had so much fun in finding creative solutions for the basic needs. We catch the rain and use that to do the dishes and wash ourselves. You get so concsious of the luxury in Holland, you can just open the tap and water flows. And what about all the rain water we just waste....?! 

After a week I waved my dad goodbye at the airport in Cluj. He probably will come back soon as he fell in love with this basic life. But now it's up to me. I have time to do things on my own, finding my rhythm in this life. My brain is just not arrived here, I see what I see, but my brain says...????? All the beauty around me, the mountains, the villagers, I will take my time to settle and process the experiences. Soon I will update you on how to solve my daily life without water. It is possible! Stay tuned :-)

Love, Marjolein