How to live....without tap water

In my previous story I already mentioned that the water issue was still on. The water in Breb comes from a natural source at the mountain Gutai and through a basic water system it spread itself to the villagers. The problem is that the pressure from the water pipe my house is connected with, is extremely low, that's why I have no water from my tap. It looks like there is something stuck in the water pipes, mud or branches from the storm.

The good news is, when the villagers are asleep, I have water. I discovered this during the 1st week with my dad, when I woke up around 3.00 am in the night for my usual toilet moment. I shouted to my dad, WE HAVE WATER!! So, the night parties began from off then :-) During the night we collected water in empty bottles and sometimes we had the luck that also the warm water tap worked and we hurried to the bathroom for a quick shower. Luckily my dad and I have the same humor so we made a lot of good jokes about this. My dad suggested we also need to catch the rain because we can use that water to flush the toilet and doing laundry. Briliant idea and we found a big ton which we labeled as 'rain ton'. (see picture) Luckily it rained a few days long so we we're agitated with this new source. The rain water was suprisingly clear, I guess this is because there is hardly no air pollution. After a few days we created our own water system and we were so proud of it. Also it made us realise that we waste so much water in the world. With all the rainy days in Holland, wow, let's be smart and use it at least to flush our toilets. To flush your toilets with tap water, you must be a bit crazy right? And then I remember that some houses have 2 toilets ....   Ok...back to my story.

My water system works well and I got used to this soon. The water which I collect during the night, I use to make tea/coffee,I  heat it up to do the dishes and cook. The bucket next to my toilet I fill up with the rain water to flush and the house hold can be done. Ofcourse, this takes time, but what's wrong to spend time on your basic needs? I almost forgot to mention that I am not able to take a shower but I also found a solution for that. Once in a week I treat myself with a tub of warm water and I wash myself and my hair in the olskool way, I use a cup to pour it over me. Works very well. Ok, I can take a shower at the camping of my friends but I really want to be self sufficient. 

I can understand, for some of you this lifestyle sounds challenging. But, I get so much in return. The beautiful wooden house, surrounded by the breathtaking nature, the villagers, who are always happy to help. I mean, when you wake up every day with an amazing view, who can complain about not being able to have a shower? You learn how to appreciate the things you have. I have elektricity, I now have water, my fiber connection makes me connected with my dearest family and friends and Mickey is so happy with his new play yard. This might sounds a bit dull but I am connected with myself and the values which ofcourse always were important for me in life. But here in this wonderful village it really comes alive extra. The creativity you develop by living in a place where the basic needs are just not always available is amazing. You really have to use your brain, and I feel this is really needed in a world which creates technology and luxury for the human being, to give them a comfortable life. All fine, if this is in harmony with nature. I think we all know, because of our preference of a luxurious and 'easy' life, the earth pays its price. Well, I realise I am not an environmental messenger but will you at least think about it when you flush your toilet?  

Next week I'll write about seeing the autumn taking over the Breb nature, I never have seen such beautiful colours together. I am a lucky bastard! 

Love, Marjolein